Summer Music Workshop Series:

Everything you ever wanted to know about singing - but were afraid to ask!


Monday, August 9th

7:00-8:30 pm

Coppell Arts Center

505 Travis Street, Old Town Coppell


Week 4: Follow the Director! - Singing in a choir is all about teamwork. Being part of a choir helps you consider how the individual helps shape the whole. Build your choral confidence with learning both individual and group rehearsal skills as well as group performance skills - with special guest, Greg Clancy of the Vocal Majority.

Summer Music Workshop Series: August 9, 2021

  • About the Instructor

    Once-upon-a-time Greg Clancy was known as that 12 year-old kid in the center spot of the Vocal Majority's front line. Even though he was surrounded by a hundred guys, he still was the “show-stealer.” Inevitably it was intriguing back then to ponder whether or not he could carry that “specialness” forward as he grew older.

    Well, look at him now: more Gold Medals than anybody else in Barbershop Harmony Society history! Eleven of them as a performing Vocal Majority singer, two as the Musical Director of Vocal Majority in 2014 and 2018, and then yet another Gold earned as a Champion quartet tenor. Clearly his “specialness” has been comfortably carried forward through the years. Greg has served as Vocal Majority’s Tenor section leader, Lead leader, Assistant Director, Associate Director, Creative Director and now Musical Director.

    He sang tenor in “Class of the 80’s,” “Gatsby,” and filling-in with “Dealer’s Choice,” among others. But everybody’s favorite is “Max Q,” which took the very top Barbershop Harmony Society Quartet Championship honor in 2007.

    Meanwhile, Greg has continued to share his skills to personally inspire others, even direct competitors such as the Ambassadors of Harmony, Masters of Harmony, Toronto Northern Lights, and Chicago’s Northbrook Chorus, to reach for their goals and dreams.

    He has been a first-call studio vocalist, jingle singer and composer of image music, for some 25 years. He is now GM/VP Creative for TM Studios, the world’s most preeminent radio music production house. At TM, a division of WestwoodOne, Greg composes imaging music for stations around the country including KABC in Los Angeles, WMAL in Washington, D.C. and WLS in Chicago.

    In Dallas-Fort Worth, Greg’s music is heard branding stations KVIL, KRLD, KLUV and others. He has also composed many local retail jingle campaigns for area businesses. Greg also sings in and produces most of the vocal sessions taking place at TM.