JANUARY 20th, 2020

Great rehearsal last night, SSAA! SATB, we’ll see you next Monday at 6:00 pm. (SATB, look carefully at the “To Do” list below!)

Rehearsals through “Stuff & Nonsense” (Sunday, Feb. 23rd):


Monday, January 27, 6:00-6:45 pm

Saturday, February 1, 10:00 am-12:00 pm

Monday, February 10, 6:00-6:45 pm


Saturday, February 1, 12:30-2:30 pm

Monday, February 3, 6:00-6:45 pm

Monday, February 17, 6:00-6:45 pm


Water Fountain:

o Memorize- have the first 8 pages memorized by Monday, January 27

o We focused on the key change (p. 14 letter F) to the end- get that down pat (especially the “would jas” moving into the next measure and the notes starting at letter H

The Argument

o Memorize- memorize through measure 34 (page 6); there are tracks on this in Chorus Connection

o Watch the Vancouver Youth Choir Video for how we will do “choral-opgraphy” with looks, crossed arms, gestures, etc.). We will do that for the first 6 pages next rehearsal!


o Memorize (this should be the easiest of all): Memorize to letter D (p. 6)

· In Meeting We Are Blessed, P. 10- you received this last night; this should be in Dropbox/Chorus Connection soon; sorry about that!


Put It In The Piggy (here’s our recording:

o Memorize- memorize the first 4 pages by Saturday, Feb. 1

o Be prepared for some “choral-ography!”

o Here’s the notes for page 7-8

- M. 53 (w/pickup)-m. 54 (1st phrase)- sopranos only

- M. 54 (w/pickup)-m. 55- altos only

- M. 55-56- all (sopranos top, altos bottom)

- M. 57- Farmer Jerry only

- M. 58- all

- M. 59- Farmer Jerry only

- M. 60- all

o Watch out (make yourself some notes!) that m. 70 (p. 9) is half as fast… (SLOWER!)

o Here’s a recording of the accompaniment only that we used last night: (corrected!)

Mashed Potato/Love Poem (here’s a great recording:

o Memorize if you wish but not required

o We’ll check parts next time- this was pretty good. We need to work on musical expression

Bring Me Little Water, Silvy

o If not memorized yet- memorize!

o ALL work on the body percussion using the tutorial video in Chorus Connection

Thanks, everyone- see you next week!!

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